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Intro to Theory of Computation
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Pumping Lemma
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Welcome to gentleRex Labs

Here at gentleRex Laboratories - our goals include making computer science a little more understandable and easy to implement  - we will present gentlerex explorations in a very easy concise fashion - enjoy.

note from gr team - please excuse formatting we are working on it!

Update from 'gr' laboratories team:

Conducting a complete unscientfic survey among unqualified people  - there appears to be an overwhelming majority who (while not certainly disagreeing with case iii for the pumping lemma as described by Michael Sipser 'Introduction to the Theory of Computation') feel that it is unecessary and perhaps , just perhaps takes away from the simplicity and utility of the pumping lemma concept by actually perscribing a shortcut when it is perhaps not necessary...

As quoted from someone (randomly off the streets...) "case iii (( where |xy| <= p )) is simply a distraction from the sheer mechanics of the regular-pl theory..." (anonymous.)

so there you go folks the controversy still engulfs the world!

-gr labs team.